W hat motivates good works? If you spend meaningful time working with the meaningful people for the meaningful works, that’s how good works are motivated.

When an agency is awarded for good work, it doesn’t really matter for how they win it or how many times they’ve won it. It simply means the work is special.

We won the best experiential marketing award for a design created for Google. It is thankful to have an opportunity working creatively with a long-term client who understands how we works. It takes guts and efforts to risk for good ideas. But after all, you reward the good work with the trophy on your hand and the smile on your face. Numerous times of undo or even redo become the worthy moments.

Anybody can do bad work, but not everybody does good work

Any work can easily fall into a routine. Even in the creative business, things can be McDonaldized with robotic practice and programmatic thought process. Working in the creative industry, good idea doesn’t always flow when you need it. It needs process to research, generate, and validate before a thought becomes a viable idea. That’s why as a designer, I believe patience is one of the most important attributions in our character and also the ticket to a good work.

Then what’s next after being an award-winning agency?

2020 was a tough time for the world. 2021 is the time for improvement. We follow the world to do the best of our part and continuously to improve ourselves. As a creative agency, we greatly rely on the opportunity when everyone is open for innovation and willing to integrate conventional wisdom for unconventional thought. So, talking about what’s next after being an award-winning agency? We don’t actually feel that we need to be different, but instead, we need to be better as life progress towards a better tomorrow.

Never caged, never settle.

We know we are dying to bring comfort back to life. But normality always eat ourselves with complacency especially when you are labeled – “Special.” It is very natural to have your comfort zone where you feel safe and confident. But never, never take ego into the comfort zone because it is a true devil. It will blind you with distorted reality and false consciousness.

Yes, we won an award

It is an award for the effort and the people who are devoted to the good work. To be frank, winning an award doesn’t give more happiness than finishing a good work. In fact, we have a lot of good works that never been awarded but those hidden gems brought us the same happiness every time when we deliver it to our customers.

At the end, it doesn’t matter how many times you win an award or not winning anything, the moment that a good work is created, is always the moment that you feel very special.

– end –