Many website contents are compiled with ego. I can easily tell by reading their short meta title with only the brand name.

Using the brand name as the keyword is not a problem. But what if a brand name is an acronym such as CVS, ACE, BYOD? It can be irrelevant to the actual product. In some cases, I’ve even seen all the pages of a website use the same brand keyword as the meta title which is obviously a mistake. That’s why I always suggest using functional keywords or product attribution keywords to write the meta titles and the contents.

No fancy

A complicated menu navigation not only confuses your viewers, but also creates difficulty for search engines.

To understand how search engine works is not difficult. Google has given a hint that the search engine crawlers actually follow links on the web pages. Think about what is the starting point of a web experience? Very likely we start navigating a website from the menu. 99 out of 100 websites have the menu navigation placed above the fold where we want to catch the visitors’ attention. But a fancy website design such as the one-page design with complex style scripting will make the website difficult for the search engines to follow and index the links on the page. Unless your technical team know exactly what they are doing, for example, using the hash tag with the pushstate correctly, I still suggest making your navigation as clean and simple as possible.

Guess which page is the most important page of your website?

I know the answer. The most important page cannot be only the homepage. Look closer. Do you think your contact-us page shouldn’t be more important than the about-us? If you cannot differentiate the content objective between these pages, then same as the search engines. They will be as confused as the human being.

SEO has evolved from competing the ranking to the website development best practice. Now SEO is actually content marketing. A portion of SEO practice is still very much linked to the technical aspects such as hosting, web server configuration, CMS configuration, etc. But the most important aspect of the SEO is content relevance.

SEO cannot influence people how to search

That’s why it is very important that you must do keywords research because it can identify the trend and intent for you. With all the data that a search engine can provide, you can develop a semantic profile to analyze the searchers’ behavior. As a marketer, you should always do this without SEO on your mind. Researching how people search is like reading the minds of your customers. Once you know what are your customers looking for, you can develop the relevant content for them.

Truth be told, you don’t need sophisticated SEO technique to understand how basic marketing works.