We have no option but to improve

You may have a hygiene plan that appears to be common sense, but there’s a lot of nitty-gritty detail to consider when it comes to re-planning and executing events as hopes increase of Covid-19 infections coming under control in Asia.

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Get set for post-Covid ‘Great Push’

In the past, I heard a lot of discussion in the market about the future of the events industry, but still too little has been done. During this Great Pause, my business is going through its greatest challenge. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that behind a crisis, there is always opportunity.

We must keep inventing, because when life returns to normal, we’ll find our sweet spot in business.

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It is your website, not your ego

Guess which page is the most important page of your website? We know the answer. Look closer, the most important page cannot be only the homepage. Do you think your contact-us page shouldn't be more important than the about-us?

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