Eddie Choi – Managing Partner

I have one power. I never give up.

To give up or not to give up isn’t anything worth-telling. But gaining focus and be able to navigate through obstacles is a quality of a character. I am obsessed to the Batman character because it is a story of a reborn in a chaotic world. It resonates with me and defines who I am as an intelligent living being.

Cynthia Ong – Director, Client Partner

I am a dancer. Every step I take, every move I make, I find harmony from discord.

I am a serious person but not uptight. I am accommodating but not without principle. I look after the client partner team at the Mills Studio. Managing design project timeline is my responsibility.

Every project is like choreographing a dance move, I must lead my team and guide my clients to sway along a journey. They usually start slowly to find the right beat then smoothly match the steps with the rhythm. The key to winning is about the coordination and synchronization. Two skills come together for an accomplishment.

Trust me, next time when the music starts, sway with me. I can lead you through.

Krystal Liau – Executive Creative Director

I’m not a fan of magic because the impossible do happen.

Everywhere I go, I see art. I believe at some levels everyone appreciates art. But not everyone can practice art. Because the message embedded in every art form requires different set of skills, tools, technologies, languages, wisdom and virtue to present and to convey in a scene, in the world, to the people.

In all these years of practicing design from spatial to transmedia creative, my philosophy is to give art and design an extravert character. Keep the design talking to the audience, telling stories, and triggering emotions. After all, art exists to influence and improve everyday life. Art makes us human.

Heidi Kwok – Art Director

I don’t like boundary but I never cross the line.

Even though the world is flat but life is not. Because I am a risk taker, that’s why I know how to play safe. If I am not at work, I participate in the boardsport like skateboarding which is my favorite and I also like to see the world through the camera lens. Now that you kinda know me a bit. I am certainly not a quiet person and I am a big laughter.

My work at Mills is an Art Director. I always like to give my design an independent soul, which better be different if not unique. Developing a good art direction is like the transmission of feeling that the designer has experienced. I devote a lot of my feeling in my design.

To me, every creation can be risk taking. And because I know the line between genius and insanity is so thin, that’s why, I take risk but never cross the line.

Eunice Yeo – Creative Director

I am a make up artist. I make hidden beauty timeless.

Can you make it look better? This question has been asked million times. I am professionally trained in design. I know design can be art. I also know design can be simple. That’s why design is complicated.

I am an articulated person, a designer with strong logical sense. I know how it works and why it doesn’t work. It takes me years of experience, nerve and patience to get here.

So, ask me again if I can make it look better? With what you’ve just read about me, yes, I am confident to tell you, I can always make it look better.