Make digital meaningful

Digital marketing only has two functions nowadays – Innovation and Discovery. The two functions become our product proposition when we launch Web Plus – Mills digital marketing service.

Web+ inherits Mills DNA as a creative agency. We make every output aesthetically engaging. We use the same practice to design the digital assets for our global clients such as Google and Merz Aesthetics. Having a beautiful look and feel isn’t good enough, we add a scientific layer using data to discover the insight that we don’t usually know. This is what Mills has done for Kering to discover new consumer insight.

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We digitise for clients worldwide

We’re here to help, we’ve activated so many brand’s experience over the web and mobile, engaging audience online and converting them for offline communication. No matter it is a product campaign, a CRM newsletter communication, a rich-content live-streaming, or a major re-branding launch, we have the exact knowledge and passion for innovation that you can rely on.

Design for Amazon

What on earth made you think that you can keep the audience navigating your virtual event whole day? When Amazon came to us, they asked for one thing. Amazon wanted a good virtual event experience for its flagship AWS Summit Online. Our design strategy for the AWS Summit Online is to ensure content are developed with high relevance to the interest of the audience.

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Marketing for beauty

When Mills first got the project, our designers had already rejected the superficial idea of making things simply look good. It sounds cliché to say beauty always comes from the inner-self. But the inner-beauty is indeed the aspect that we want to keep long-lasting. The notion echoes the perspective of designing a brand marketing is that, we must create the customer reward with a long-lasting value.

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The Concise Live-streaming Playbook

The world is expecting 82% of the internet traffic generated through video streaming in 2020. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity in your marketing. But live streaming is not easy, a professional livestream cannot be just a smartphone, a ring light, and then point and shoot. As the experiential agency behind the Google’s livestream, we certainly know how to make a good video show work. This livestream playbook will walk you through our experience of how to plan and produce a professional live-streaming event.

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If content is King, then data is God

With the digital Gen Z taking over the economy and they are eligible to vote for what to do and how to live, digital marketing needs a new face to communicate for new perspective. We no longer push or shout to our customers without knowing what they need; instead, co-creation is the key to resonate with our customers. And the winning strategy for content co-creation is to discover things that we don't know we know.

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Design For Google

Google is our first client since day zero before we even thought of what our future would be. Our story with Google is about courage, hard work, and persistence.

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It is your website, not your ego

Guess which page is the most important page of your website? We know the answer. Look closer, the most important page cannot be only the homepage. Do you think your contact-us page shouldn't be more important than the about-us?

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