Mills is selected by two world-renowned medical aesthetic companies - Merz and Teoxane to develop marketing campaigns in SG.

We fit right into the mission because we love to design beautiful aesthetics.

We know in the first place, taste can be subjective, the idea of beauty and taste are also philosophical but not necessarily conceptual. The imagination intrigued by the philosophy of beauty that takes us to explore the golden ratio practiced by Leonardo Da Vinci in Vitruvian man. Da Vinci’s golden ratio is 1:0.618 and has been coined golden because it is said to be aesthetically pleasing with the perfect proportion of the human body.

Voilà! our mission for this pursuit of beauty becomes a science. Let’s go on with this journey.

Without doubt, both of our clients in the medical aesthetic industry will agree that the dimensions of beauty should be measured by art and science.

When Mills first got the project, our designers had already rejected the superficial idea of making things simply look good. It sounds cliché to say beauty always comes from the inner-self. But the inner-beauty is indeed the aspect that we want to keep long-lasting. The notion echoes the perspective of designing a brand marketing is that, we must create the customer reward with a long-lasting value.

Moving into our plan to accomplish the mission, we want to design the aesthetics of the marketing campaign which isn't just about a pretty face,

but more to perfect a personality. Particularly in the APAC region where some medical aesthetic companies emphasize the enhancement of natural beauty in the marketing message. When we look at China, on the other hand, where the market is trending with the beauty triangle, etc.

After months of learning and studying, going through panel interviews with the practitioners and influencers, we nail the important part in the deliverable with a series of marketing to activate the awareness of medical aesthetics for our customers.

Our work enhances the brand affinity with the right personality. Our center-message magically escalates the brand perception from a pretty face to the appearance becomes a whole personality package. The website that we’ve designed for our customers not only engages the target audience for traffic, but also be used as a consultation tool to assist the purchase decision.

Our design effort complements the innovation in our customer’s products. Mills has earned a bonus of all the good learning working with the knowledgeable customers. When we gain all the industrial knowledge to assist our work, the customers gain the power to strengthen their marketing. The reward of good marketing should always be a reciprocity like this - Customers feel happy, our mission is accomplished :)