Google is our first client since day zero before we even thought of what our future would be. Our story with Google is about courage, hard work, and persistence.

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying

Our first design for Google was the Google flagship experience – the China’s Google Developer Days (GDD) in 2017.  It took us six months to finish the aesthetic design. GDD in China is equivalent to the Google I/O in the US. It is a market barometer for technology. Our inspiration was to give tech a playful character. Why not organize a play day for the geeks?

Think With Google

The success of GDD brought us to another milestone design for Google in China. We started working on a Google’s b2b experience – Think With Google. In an effort to position Google as a thought leader, the Think With Google is a Google’s brand for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research. Think With Google talks to the marketers about how digital marketing works. The consideration of the design aesthetics is to amplify the professional essence and the applications of the Google technology, but not overkill when telling the story of how tech works in a creative way.

Design for the future of Google

Google is no stranger to design. To design for Google, it is important to understand the Google’s design philosophy – the material design, a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. We were given a mission to design an important branding style guide for the future of Google – the TensorFlow.

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TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team initially for research purpose only. Today TensorFlow is the most famous machine learning technology in the world. To design a communication style guide for TensorFlow, we put adaptability in the first priority. Our belief is that any styling guideline must be produced to fulfill a practical purpose. A styling guideline is a document that can be used to help build and identify your brand as well as the language used to communicate your brand. It is a document that anyone could pick up, look through, and fully understand your brand.

Till today

It is a fruitful journey to work for a professional client who can challenge your wisdom and grow the knowledge together. Our relationship with Google continues to evolve, until today, we have been producing so many aesthetics for Google from spatial to experiential, brand styling to the best practice playbook, on-ground to online. This agency-client relationship is still going strong after three years and we are learning new things every time when we work together. We feel so much for the design that we’ve done together with Google. At the end, we realize, we don’t just design things that look good, we create wisdom made visible.

— end —