So, what on earth made you think that you can keep the audience navigating your virtual event whole day?

When Amazon came to us, they asked for one thing. Amazon wanted a good virtual event experience for its flagship AWS Asean Summit Online.

We are not an event agency (cough again... we have a confession to make... we did win an award for the Best Experiential Marketing at  one of the industry's event marketing awards ). But we understand why most of the virtual event experiences don't work. It is actually not about your event.

Your brand experience is a looking glass.

illustration artist: Cosmin Serban

It is described as a reflection of how you think you should appear to your audience. It means your brand is not about you, it is about your audience. That’s why when we designed the experience for Amazon, we started from profiling the Amazon’s audience persona.

Your audience experience shouldn't be a linear equation.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) comprises over 200 products and services including computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, machine learning, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of Things. The customers of AWS come from different industry sectors with different needs and goals to attend the AWS Summit. The curation of the content for the AWS Summit Online has been quite an amazing work. To design for Amazon, we are responsible to develop an extremely diversified customer’s journey.

The participation must be rewarding.

As a brand, you think for the purpose of your product. To your customer, they think for their return of what they can get from you. The fundamental relationship between a brand and a customer is always a value exchange. But rather than utilitarian, this exchange of value can be more mutual and beneficial. In the tech world, some value are even more rewarding than the monetary benefit.

Amazon represents an ecosystem that gives a well of knowledge to enable million of businesses in the world to invent and innovate.

The know-how and knowledge that Amazon’s customers can acquire via participating the AWS Summit Online can reproduce an enormous amount of benefits economically and emotionally. Imagining how many developers who will be empowered by the update of the state-of-the-art technology and also how many marketers who will be informed with a variety of applications to support the commerce. By understanding how all these benefits and rewards are transferring from one to the other, our designers can immediately grasp the most important essence of the AWS Summit value proposition – “Build Tomorrow, Today.”  Our mission is to build an experience that facilitates the knowledge transfer and amplifies the immense contribution of the AWS ecosystem.

A whole lot more that you can do with virtual engagement.

It is like a party. To keep active participation, you got to keep the music on. The possibility of engaging people online is unlimited. Our design team has come up with many interactive contents to entertain the AWS audience such as a 20-minute speedy chat session during and in between the breakout sessions, the moderator can run a pop quiz to address the hot questions. A Q&A can be organized like a tournament with a cumulative leaderboard to encourage and incentivize the attendees, etc. Remember, the winning key is to keep active participation, not just pursuing the vanity metrics.

Our design strategy for the AWS Summit Online is to ensure content are developed with high relevance to the interest of the audience. We ask you what on earth made you think that you can keep the audience navigating your virtual event whole day? The answer is after you profile your audience, then come up with good design for the relevant content.

On 18 May 2021, Amazon successfully launched the AWS Asean Summit Online. The virtual event engaged over 30,000 registrations before the opening.