Some people look for a real experience. Others make an experience real. We push our boundary to perfect the engagement for a marketing experience with authenticity. This is a story about making a hero moment real and memorable.

The World Of Ip Man To Life In FILMART

The Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) is an event to promote Hong Kong as the hub for film distribution and production, TV programs and entertainment-related products in Asia Pacific region. Mills was entrusted by the Mandarin Motion Pictures Limited and Macao Government Tourism Office to design and fabricate a pavilion to promote the iconic film – Ip Man Four: the Finale, a Hong Kong biographical martial arts films based on the life events of the Wing Chun master of the same name.

To bring an icon to life, aesthetics is not the first thing to start with

The Ip Man special pavilion aims to release a new teaser trailer of Ip Man 4: The Finale at the FILMART 2019. There has been quite a lot of media portrayals about the great martial arts master. Ip Man – the teacher of Bruce Lee is a household name. You don’t think of redesigning an icon like Ip Man; instead, the challenge is on how to bring the martial arts master and his fame to live.

Before starting the design, we had several meetings with the actor Donnie Yen who played the character Ip Man on screen. The designer must grasp the essence for the presentation, amplify the message of the film, even to dissect the mind of the character in hope of re-generating the best scene of the Ip Man series. The goal was to arouse echo and resonate with the audiences.

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Mills design team re-created the home of Ip Man in the movie. It was an aesthetics that we replicated the early 20th century Foshan for bringing the audiences close to the real life of the world of Ip Man. To construct the pavilion, we referenced the traditional skills of Chinese stonemasonry architecture and mixed with the expression of modern art. We managed to use a LED screen as a Chinese plaque to display the movie trailer and a 3D graphic wall was used to create an illusion of a fighting scene in the Ip Man movie. The pavilion developed a mixed reality which integrated storytelling and art for an unique experience.

The power of storytelling

As a creative agency we share big passion in experiential design, we understand that with only the aesthetic skill is not good enough, storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into our imagination. It is essentially the same as one says marketing is no longer about the product you make, but about the stories you tell.

To re-create an Ip Man experience, we add design with storytelling for an authentic and memorable marketing journey, and we feel so proud to bring the world of Ip Man to life for the fans of this iconic film series at the HK FILMART.

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