To excite your customers with an aesthetic makeover, Mills designers are experienced in branding, communication, and spatial design. Our on-brand approach keeps the aesthetic development relevant to your market. Talk to us, you will be inspired by how much that our design can improve the value of your marketing communications.



There’s nothing more exhilarating and terrifying than starting at square one. Luckily for you, Mills event planners and producers thrive on creating experiences from the ground up. We have been activating iconic events from a scale of pop-up to the ten of thousands people extravaganza. Nothing is too niche or too big for us. Mills still makes it possible.




Different touch points in marketing are no longer a series of silos. While an immersive event experience engages more footfall, a transformational experience enhances the total visibility of a brand. A holistic strategy to integrate various online and offline touch points becomes essential to transform space to a journey.


I guess now you can call us the Award-winning agency :)

We won the best experiential marketing award for a design created for Google. When an agency is awarded for good work, it simply means the work is special.

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When Amazon came to us, they asked for one thing. Amazon wanted a good virtual event experience for its flagship AWS Asean Summit Online.

It is like a party. To keep active participation, you got to keep the music on. The possibility of engaging people online is unlimited.

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It is a fruitful journey to work for a professional client who can challenge your wisdom and grow the knowledge together.

Since 2017, Mills has proudly served Google and activated 42 Google's product experiences, created 4 immersive Google's experiences in China. We also have designed Google brand's guideline and the best practice Google's playbook. We are the Google's go-to agency for the aesthetic skill.

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Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art.
The marketing of beauty is science.

We want to design the aesthetics of the marketing campaign which isn't just about a pretty face, but more to perfect a personality.

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In digital marketing, content is the King, data is GOD.

With the digital Gen Z taking over the economy and they are eligible to vote for what to do and how to live, digital marketing needs a new face to communicate for new perspective. At Mills, because of our DNA as a creative agency, we like to discover new horizon.

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The Concise Live-streaming Playbook

Live streaming is actually a perfect hybrid in marketing. It fills the gap in the marketing journey between on-ground and online. Not to mention with the KOL effect to drive the social commerce, the outcome will be very rewarding!


This livestream playbook will walk you through our experience of how to plan and produce a professional live-streaming event.

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The knowledge of space can be science, can be art.

To design for space, it is a dialogue between art and science. Space also encompass visual stimulus and emotional sensation. This is a story of a designer’s journey filling space with imagination.

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Thought to share

Something that we feel proud of doing or the new thought that inspires us. Something we want to brag about.